Pick your own fresh & free herbs at your door step and garnish your meal at any time of any day.

Help us create living herb planters for our local community and much more.

United under a scheme to place planters on the paved area near our homes for growing herbs. Growing food for all in our cities may not be feasible, but spacing our meals with locally grown herbs is accomplishable and all can be part to this.  This will strengthen the community spirit and somewhat reduce the herb miles

One of the obstacles of consuming edibles in urban areas is the presence of pets and raising the plants to a waste level will alleviate this problem. There is an aspect of surrender to the elements in a contrite planters in uniform and unibody design making them maintenance free unlike any timber solutions, where paint or other care would be required.

We are building up a community of people that share our desire to transform our landscape into something positive, and of course edible! We meet regularly to help get the project off the ground and appreciate all the different skills, experiences and enthusiasms that our members bring.