Setting up a plant nursery

All welcome to help us get a plant nursery set up on our converted double-decker Herbs & Spaces bus!

Please bring along any old newspapers and egg boxes / trays you have to spare.

the Big Half 2019

If you are running well done, if not let’s support our runners on Sunday. Here are some names:


there are few others too

We have an amazing trio this year: James, his daughter Heather and grandson Toby. Well done to them and all of us

Thank you for choosing the run and support us.

We shall celebrate our success as we did last year in Old Salt Quay at 1pm ish

Thank you, thank you

Let’s make the next planters

Let’s make one more planter in October and “wrap” 1 more trees. With the planters in place before winter we can focus on our other work during the cold months.

“AGM” for Herbs & Space

We are a year old, hooray!


“AGM” for Herbs & Space 20th October 2018 at 13:20 Surrey Docks Sports Centre


One year since we set up Herbs & Space with many deadlines for which we count for our successes.  The summer is over and we can review our work and set our goals for the next 12 months.


Southwark “Cleaner Greener Safer” was a major catalyst for us to get moving and the submission deadline for next year is Monday (22nd October).  This as well as other topics need to be discussed and I propose the following agenda



Electing new comity members is an urgent topic. Most members have moved on and I (Fred) cannot deal with the increasing amount of work.  Many have promised and few delivered, thus in order to succeed we need to review and re-elect.  If you cannot attend, but are willing to do work please let us know.

Let’s make the next planters

During the months of September and October we have the opportunity to cast up to 10 more planters and “wrap” 5 more trees.  With the planters in place before winter we can focus on our other work during the cold months.

Let’s make more planters

We are on schedule to cast one or two more planter for the camera and our film director Laura will capture the enthusiasm of the group for our FFDA entry.

With 167 more threes to go there will be many more planters to cast, but before we set up to herbalise the area we have to raise awareness, grow as a group and get money.  Nothing works better on our journey forward than the word of mouth and planters full of herbs in situ.

Please do come and if possible bring a friend.  If you cannot please share the event and appeal for participation.  I can no longer provide paid staff

This activity is both rewarding and fun. Shandy, cold and hot beverages will be provided by the host my beloved Unique Automation

H&S Officially revealed on June 30

Eight months on and we are about to have our first planter revealed to the World and located by the dock.  The official placement is scheduled for June 30th (14:00) and if you can think and invite officials/celebrities for the opening day it will be magical.  It will be even more magical if you can make the time to come and bring some friends or neighbours.  There will be refreshments as this is the event of the year (at least in my calendar) and it coincides with another.

Over these past months we have achieved a lot. The planter casting was a tremendous success.  The planter design received some scepticism because of the thin wall, large size, lack of steel reinforcement, etc. , but despite the odds, the physical planters are there to demonstrate that one can never be too ambitious if willing.

If you can help with plants or else for the opening event please drop me a line.  As a group, we need to work as together.

Link to Google Map of Location

First H&S planter casting and self-watering detailed design challenge

The casting of the first H&S planter is scheduled for 11am on Sunday 27th May

The “tree hugging planter” mould is taking shape and I am confident it will be finished on time for 11am on Sunday morning when I suggest we gather at Orion Business Centre, London, SE14 5RT (7 min walk from Surrey Quays Tube).  We will mix some concrete and pour it into the mould.  This should not take more than 90 min including tidying up, group photo, coffee, etc.  After this “epic” moment we can go to Café East or similar to grab some food and drinks.

Engaged in the action we will discuss: the planter relocation schedule, waterproofing, self-watering concept -> execution, planting scheme, etc.

If you cannot make it this Sunday we will have demoulding on Saturday June 2nd and casting of the second planter.  This will be equally if not more existing as the “tree hugging planter” will be revealed in it true beauty to the world for the first time

Self-watering detailed design challenge – please help!

The planter has a provision for a large water tank. With some understanding of water and its behaviour I have never constructed a self-watering planter and need your help, else I cannot focus on finishing the proto-mould. No experience needed and anyone willing to learn new things through research and communication with those in the know is perfect for the job. A PhD in physics will be an advantage J

Would few volunteers willing to do some research into the area of self-watering via wicking come forward.


Thank you very much

Bermondsey & Rotherhithe community council forum

Bermondsey & Rotherhithe community council forum will meet on 21 March, 7 pm at Albion Primary School. Se16 7jd They will make the decision on whether to give us funding. BE there if you can be.


Albion Primary School, Albion Street, london, SE16 7JD.