We are inspired by other groups and individuals who have made a big difference in their own areas

Andy’s story

There are many people involved in the Herbs and Spaces initiative but one name we must mention is Andy. Andy is a fellow local resident who has already brought some colour to our daily walks along our waterside pathways.

The dock which most of our homes surround is also lined with Plane trees, known to many of us by their distinctive camouflage-patterned bark. You may have started to see the first signs of Spring appearing in colourful bursts through the soil at the base of these trees in the form of snowdrops, irises, crocuses and such like. These are the results of Andy’s handy work and a major inspiration for the Herbs and Spaces initiative.

By planting these small happy plants he is not only bring smiles to passers-by but even more importantly,  eliminating the need for weed killer used by the council in the tree beds, reducing pollutants which leak into the docks.

This  small but passionate act by one man is an inspiration for the whole community. We have already seen this community grow and come together with a great purpose of what we can achieve together to make our local world greener.