We are currently planning a number of schemes in and around the Greenland Dock area:

Herb Planters

Our concrete planters will produce a perfect environment for herbs to grow, where weeds and pests can be minimised and the soil enriched like a raised bed in a garden. Our volunteer foster farmers will be able to choose what they grow and can take advantage of the HerbsandSpaces greenhouse bus to get started with seed. The herbs grown will be available for the whole community to use.

Planting long lasting plants around existing trees

We will brighten up the area by planting some hardy perennials.  The bases of the trees in the area are regularly sprayed with weed-killer, so anyone planting will need to put up a sign to let the Council know not to spray. These areas are not ideal for annuals as the trees take most of the water.

Greenland Dock wharves raspberry garden

If you grow fruit in any public place you can expect grazers to relieve you of the burden of harvesting. We are proposing a small area in the middle of Greenland Dock, between the two footbridges, where people can grow soft fruits such as raspberries. These plants will not be on any walking routes which should deter most opportunistic grazers.

Cunard hedgehog sanctuary

Unsurprisingly, hedgehogs get their name from the fact that they live in hedges. In our very urban area where few of us have gardens, we have few hedges and therefore few hedgehogs. We propose growing a hedge along the length of Cunard Walk. This will provide a potential home for hedgehogs and reclaim this asset for wider community use.